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We take responsibility of the supply of assembly ready kits all the way to the machine feeders and beyond based on your bill of materials (BOM). We deal with all aspects of procurement including controlled storage of Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSD) and have developed robust processes to identify counterfeit components. We also take pride in managing your obsolescence management issues

With our Total BOM Management service, we have taken the concepts of electronics supply chain management and kitting to a whole new level, ensuring that our customers receive complete, assembly-ready kits just in time when they are needed for production.

In addition to simply avoiding shortages, OEMs and EMS providers benefit from complete, assembly-ready kits arriving on JIT basis. The benefits of this will cascade across the company, reducing costs in each department to drive down the real cost of procurement, storage & kitting.


The benefits of working with DCX to supply complete kits are company-wide:

  • Vendor reduction
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Reduced space requirements - frees up room for core tasks
  • Indirect cost and overhead efficiencies
  • Reduced 'Real' cost of acquisition