One of the key areas of focus of DCX is to provide life time product support for the parts manufactured in-house. To achieve this, DCX follows the following methodology:

  • Train & retain the critical manpower in all the products that are manufactured either by BTS or by BTP method.
  • Undertake obsolescence management by monitoring and identifying the EOC/ obsolete components, sourcing them & stocking them for the duration of implantation of the products as recommended by the OEM.
  • Maintain test-stations and set-ups for fault diagnosis, repair & rework for all critical products being manufactured.
  • Maintain special repair stations, jigs & fixtures for in-house repairs.
  • Identify alternate parts which meet the form, fit & function to support in MRO activities during the product life cycle management

MRO Services

  • High Level Set-up for Trouble Shooting, Repair/Rework, MRO & Product Support for Defence & Aerospace Products
  • Specialized On-job and on-site training by end customer to our staff for Fault finding, diagnostics, rework and repair of PCBA’s and Modules
  • Customer support to set-up facility like specialized Test jigs/ test stations/ fixtures, diagnostic software and Component level PCBA repair equipment.
  • Dedicated FTP portal for uploading of test data for fault diagnosis, analysis and online support by end customer
  • Obsolescence management by stocking of Long Lead and End-of-life parts as buffer stock for lifetime product support
  • Continuous System upgradation for performance improvement and regular training by end-customer to handle new versions.
Test Station – PCBA level
BGA rework system
Automatic Test Equipment