DCX SYSTEMS – A rapidly growing company in the Indian defence space.

We believe, our competitive advantages include our efficiency in operations resulting in timely delivery, maintaining quality control and product security.

Our capabilities are across the entire spectrum of strategic defence and aerospace electronics solutions.

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We have built an expertise to handle simple to complex sub-systems and their cable & wire harnesses

We operate through the manufacturing facility located at the Aerospace SEZ Sector, Bengaluru with facility spread over 30,000 square feet and primarily engaged in System Integration and manufacturing a comprehensive array of Cable & Wire harnesses and having complete set-up for environmental and electrical testing

Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allows us to provide complete and expert solutions for your defence & Aerospace Sector requirements.

Services to Scale you Higher

Because of our ability to bring value to our customers! Our vertical integration, complete design capability and packaging expertise allows us to evaluate our customer’s designs and make recommendations on how to design for cost and manufacturability.

DCX manufactures build-to-print and customised Cable & Wire harness assemblies for Aerospace…..

DCX undertakes System Integration in areas of Electronic warfare, Radar, Sensors, Surveillance…..

The Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry in India is a rapidly changing…..

DCX supplies ready to assemble kits and undertake all aspects of procurement including…..

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